Career Opportunities

CADENCE + family of enterprises offers a wide-range of opportunities throughout the region in sales, service and management.  We are as much about building community with our employees as we are about our passionate partners and organizations. If you you are interested in joining a fun and commited team, please contact us and send us your resume. There are openings for our restaurant, outdoor retail and sport venues.

The Cadence Crew


Creator of Community

Why is Craig creating all of these spaces?

Because along with friends and family, we have seen an erosion in places for people to gather and be together in community. It used to be that people gathered at the local church, garden club, bocce court or just for a game of cards. Today, this happens less frequently, but we need community no less than before.
Our spaces are designed to give people beautiful places to enjoy nature, friends, family and fun. We provide the vehicles for people to pursue their passions for nature and the outdoors and reconnect with each other and our world. We create places to uncouple from or connected worlds, or to work connected in peace in the cafe spaces. 
Because of our commitment to building communities around Mind, Body and Spirit, we saw the evolution of CADENCE+ as an obvious direction where local organizations, clubs and just groups of folks seeking a fun and healthy lifestyle can gather.  

We build club and field houses for you, your families and friends as a haven to revive, refresh and reconnect with each other and to reclaim our own human spirit. We invite you to come and take advantage of the great baristas and bartenders, comfortable environment, and fun activities at all of our venues. Hope to see you here soon!